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Being a vegetarian is easy, enjoyable and healthy, you've just got to slip gently out of your laziness, habit, conditioning, and vice and enter your own world of dignity, ethics, and integrity.

What you need is already here, present and infinitely available both as information and as a tangible element to be enjoyed, digested and used. It so simple that just a small book is enough to acquire all the knowledge necessary for your transformation.

Because being a vegetarian is not just a matter of eating vegetables and that's it; those are the herbivores.

We, humans, to keep ourselves in good health and fitness, need something more; we need proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and consciousness.

All these nutrients, apart from the last one, are abundantly supplied by the vegetable kingdom.

The last element, consciousness, which may seem of minor importance because, apparently, we do not eat, is the most fundamental one and no one gives it to us!

We must cultivate it, nourish it and put it into practice to be human, otherwise, we are simply carnivores, like cats and reptiles, or omnivores, like pigs and crows or herbivores, like sheep and cattle. But we are human beings and we are conscious.

Vegetarian cuisine means health, vitality, harmony, longevity, ethics, responsibility, integrity, dignity, joy, satisfaction, tranquility and much more to be discovered together, such as learning how to prepare noble proteins at super low costs and 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 acids, 0 adrenaline, 0 km, 0 violence and only a high protein content !!!

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In addition to all this, because in nature we find the carnivores, herbivores, omnivorous, frugivorous, fruitarians and much more - and so it is also within the human archetype - we desire, without trauma or drama or struggle for supremacy, simply continue to live cheerfully our life together with the people we love, value and work with, regardless of what and how they eat.


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