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The Subtle Bodies are dimensions of consciousness and layers of resonance emanating from the center of the corresponding chakra and composing the human electromagnetic energy field. In number of seven, they originate a coexisting and simultaneous ellipse of energy flow, known as Aura, or Light Body, or Bio-Energy Cocoon, which code and decode the macro cosmic vibration of the universal field, adjusting the harmonic intensity of incoming and outgoing frequencies.

They are linked together by the Sushumna vessel, the main consciousness channel, consenting information interexchange and quantum nourishment, and by the two lateral energy channels spiraling sinusoidally around the main one, contributing, when ascending and expanding, a hot, solar, male, and active energy, and when descending and contracting, a cold, lunar, female, and receptive one, which summed together determine our consciousness quotient, specific characteristics, behavior, and destiny.

If acknowledged and nourished, they aggregate and vibrate; if ignored, they dissociate and shatter. Their optimal, individual, simultaneous efficiency generates the personal, unified field of consciousness, the shining light body. Their scarce, individual, simultaneous efficiency generates the personal fragmented field of consciousness, the shadow body.

Their given dimensions are approximate to a state of relaxation; each body, in fact, can extend and contract beyond its basic aspect due to will power and contingent situations. Except for the seventh one, which when fully bloomed vibrates beyond duality, all bodies are also showing a reverse electromagnetic charge, that is opposite in men and women.

Perceiving and locating them all, during our meditation practice, consents us extending the dimensions of being and expanding our own identity frontiers. They naturally mature and consolidate every seven years of age, completing consciousness adulthood after the seventh cycle.

All bodies, in Sanskrit Sharir, or Sareera, are energy bodies, even the first one, the material or physical one; it’s simply the utmost possible density energy can reach, giving the illusion of solidity and absence of space. Their names are also given in the original Sanskrit language because first written source of information and experience on such a matter.

From The Secret of Metaphysical Science


Subtle Bodies Balancing with Crystals

A one hour session

A week-end training

Distant Balancing



7 Nirvana, the Extinction Body

6 Brahma, the Creative Body

5 Atma, the Spiritual Body

4 Manas,the Sentimental Body

3 Sukshma, the Astral Body

2 Bhawa, the Emotional Body

1 Shtula, the Dense Body


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