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The Spiritual Life Coaching is an energetic, enthusiastic, and very active approach to metaphysical life, aiming at manifesting your own sacred destiny by unfolding your specific capacities, attitudes, and intentions.

On the trail of your deepest, metaphysical longings and desires, your metaphysical life coach first assists you discovering what you really want to manifest in your living time, what level of enlightenment you are determined to reach, and how far you are ready to go.

Second, he or she urges you to create space and get rid of all things, acquaintances, attitudes, and habits that are no longer functional to your life purpose and stand on your way as a useless load.

Then we start working on opening our natural energy, and moving towards what we want, stimulating the generation of our own individual answers to our deep, metaphysical questions, looking within ourselves for all possible solutions.

We are incited to inventing something new to awaken our being sleeping talents.

We’re invited to thinking what we've never though before, saying what we've never said before and doing what we’ve never done before.

We’re persuaded to undertake deliberate actions for the realization of our own visions, targets, and wishes.

Your metaphysical life coach acknowledges your own personal genius to create different manners, strategies, and ways to reach your goals, and encourages you to identify your own destiny and rejoicing in carrying it out.

You are convinced to give the best of yourself and see beyond yourself, and assisted succeeding in understanding, defining, and materializing your own metaphysical path and, most important, managing success when it comes.

From The Secret of Metaphysical Science


Spiritual Life Coaching with Dr. Andrea Scarsi

A one hour session - On-site Coaching - Distant Coaching


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