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The Universal Life Force



Reiki is a spiritual technique for channeling, receiving, and transmitting the Universal Life Force.

It restores the harmonic flow of your individual energy, recharges your personal integrity and centerdness, reconnects you with the Whole, and gives you impulse for your coming evolution.

The transmission is by physical, hands are gently placed on your physical body, and metaphysical contact, using the Sacred Reiki Symbols.

You reach deep dimensions of meditation and balance, intimacy and pleasure, and absolute union with the universal.

Reiki is a foundamental discipline if you're searching for spirituality and enlightenmet.


The Standard session lasts one hour and you receive it in confortable and peacefull relaxation.

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The complete learning of Reiki technique comes in three degrees of practice.

1st degree: The material dimension of the Universal Life Force. 4 practical teaching sessions and 4 basic attunements. Prerequisites: none.

2nd degree: The metaphysical dimension of the Universal Life Force. 4 practical teaching session and 4 advanced attunements. Prerequisites: Reiki 1st degree.

3rd degree, Master: The didactic dimension of the Universal Life Force. 4 practical teaching sessions and 1 last attunement. Prerequisites: Reiki 2nd degree.

4th degree, Grand Master: The mystic dimension of the Universal Life Force. Prerequisites: 22 Reiki Master activation.


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Reiki Precepts

Just for today:

do not worry

do not anger

be grateful

work honestly

be gentle with others

My Master Reiki Lineage

9° Andrea Scarsi

8° Anand Mandira

7° Prem Aurelio

6° Deva Pyaso

5° Deva Sybuddhi

4° Phyllis Lei Furumoto

3° Hawayo Takata

2° Chujiro Hayashi

1° Mikao Usui


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