Dr. Andrea Scarsi



Metaphysical Counseling is to observe and understand your current energetic condition of awareness, highlighting your level of balance, state of consciousness and evolution, strengths and growth, what you have already consolidated and what you still have in process, and your ability of universal resonance.

From this we devise practical strategies to reach the fundamental core of your being. We penetrate your emotions, mind and spirit to glimpse your individual destiny; we understand the origin of every situation, question and answer; we connect directly to the Universal Source and prepare your next step of evolution.


Metaphysical Counseling with Dr. Andrea Scarsi Msc.D.

A one hour session - On-site Counseling - Distant Counseling


There are times when your fundamental issues and questions need to be addressed and resolved once and for all. It is easier to do it with someone who has already done it; someone you can trust and already know who you are.


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