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A Mantra is a Verbal Being acting as a bridge between the human and the divine. It carries our prayer, thankfulness, and gratitude. It is an entity in its own right and when we recite or sing it to communicate with the superior dimension, in addition to words and sound we also employ intention, energy, devotion, and focus.

All this raises us immediately. It elevates our emotional state and makes us touch God. A mantra is a personal event turning to the multiple aspects of the One by evoking its symbolic names: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha, Laxmi, Saraswati, Gurudev, Shanti; names representing the infinite manifestation of the cosmic cycle.

They are magic formulas for amending the universal present, resolving the apparent fragmentation and recreating the union of consciousness with what is.

A mantra is to be recited and sung without interruption, to convey the whole message, and breathing comes between recitations. Let's chant the mantra and get lost in it, and let the vehicle, the human, and the divine become one.

That is the power of the mantra. We recite it and go deeper and deeper, until melting what we were before, our intention, recitation, sound, and collective energy, and manifest the unity once again, the yoga of consciousness, the absolute presence, whose supreme name is Om.

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