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The Chakras are nucleus of consciousness and energy vortexes within the very core of our human electromagnetic system. They are also defined as psychic centers since they can be felt, perceived, and seen only by the use of psychic abilities, which are the capacities of what is commonly called the third eye, our inner sense organ all-witnessing, at a 360-degree angle, all subtle inner and outer dimensions.

They code and decode the micro cosmic vibration of the universal field, adjusting the harmonic intensity of incoming and outgoing frequencies, and spin around an empty, generating hub of consciousness. In number of seven, they are situated along a coexisting and parallel line at the center of the spinal cord and brain and they are linked together by a central consciousness channel called Sushumna, meaning the Penetrating Vessel, a nerve current running from the basal plexus to the crown of the head and back, consenting information inter-exchange and quantum nourishment.

Two other lateral channels connected to the brain lobes are spiraling sinusoidally among the chakras, nourishing them and contributing to their polarity rotation flow. They are traditionally known as Pingala, meaning the Solar Vessel, when the energy flows on the right side and it is hot, male, active, red, and ascending; and Ida, meaning the Lunar Vessel, when the energy flows on the left side and it is cold, female, receptive, blue, and descending. Both are cooperating in the completion of our specific behavioral characteristics, gender, and destiny.

For those of us who are left handed it’s just the reverse; and for ambidextrous, it varies according to situation.

Except for the seventh chakra, which when fully bloomed vibrates beyond duality, all chakras, along the Sushumna’s alignment line, are always showing a successive, reverse electro-magnetic charge; positive and negative, or active and receptive, or outwards active and inwards active. The electro-magnetic charge is opposite in men and women. This means that the outwards active chakras in women are the inwards ones in men, and vice versa. From first to seventh, they apparently appear as follows.

In men: active, receptive, active, receptive, active, receptive, neutral.

In women: receptive, active, receptive, active, receptive, active, neutral.

For those of us who are homosexuals the polarity is generally inverted, or it inverts according to situation. The same applies for bisexuals.

All chakras from one to six are also provided with two openings in the metaphysical present: a rear one, called chakra’s back door, of motivation impulse, or will power, that is where we receive the universal push; and an anterior one, called chakra’s front door, of emotional impact, that is where we meet and receive the other.

Their given polarity and opening duality are approximate to a state of relaxation; each chakra, in fact, can reverse its rotation beyond its basic aspect due to will power and contingent situations.

The alignment and optimal efficiency synchronicity of each chakra generates the personal, unified field of consciousness, the inner white light. At the establishing of this energy balance, or harmony of being, a stable field of beatific calm, peace, and truth unfolds. In it, consciousness is alone and has no more objects within itself on which focusing its attention and identification. This naturally leads it to contact itself, reflecting, and discovering itself as pure subjectivity, that which observes.

The misalignment and scarce efficiency synchronicity of each chakra generates the personal fragmented field of consciousness, the inner shadow light. Disharmonies, unbalances, and clogs, besides anchoring us in the physical dimension, are means for spiritual growth and evolution. They reactivate consciousness acting as separate landmarks: consciousness first mirrors them in itself and identifies with them, then it is mirrored in them until it sees and recognizes itself as the empty mirror. Consciousness regaining awareness of itself is the first step of enlightenment.

Perceiving and locating all our chakras during meditation allows us to delve deeply into the universal being, awaken our inner rainbow, and expand the frontiers of our own identity.

They naturally mature and consolidate every seven years of age, completing adulthood after the seventh cycle.

The minor spelling variation of their Sanskrit names is due to a light pronunciation difference between the north and south speech. Sanskrit language has no vowels in itself and it’s generally spoken with the teeth almost clenched. Vowels are usually written as dots above the worlds to help pronounce the sequel of consonants.

From The Secret of Metaphysical Science


Chakra Balancing with Crystals

A one hour session

A week-end training

Distant Balancing


7 Sahasrara: The Thusandfold

6 Ajna: The Command

5 Visuddha: The Pure

4 Anahata: The Un-Struck

3 Manipura: The Jewel City

2 Swadhisthana: The Abode of the Self

1 Muladhara: The Root Place


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