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Hi from Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh). I was born in Italy, in 1955, and began at the age of fifteen to practice yoga, spiritualism, and telepathy. At eighteen, after a motorbike accident, I find myself contacting and channeling alien entities and visiting other dimensions, and at twenty-four, on my first trip to India, I definitely entered the world of meditation guided by India itself and the Spiritual Master Osho, receiving the title and name of Swami Prem Sandesh (Love Message). At forty-five, during a spiritual retreat, I dissolve into the absolute silence.

I love traveling, and singing, and beside India, lived for long periods in the Buddhist Southeast Asia: Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Lao, Hong Kong, China, and Tibet, to explore and study, out of curiosity and personal research, local cultures, both meeting people, and in the form of their rituals and religious practices applied to the life of every day.

Through the years, I studied and deepened different meditation techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which I practice and teach. I lead meditation groups and sessions, conferences, retreats, mantra chanting, and meetings in truth, in Italy, India, and the world, where I indicate the absolute.

Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master, Karuna Reiki®, Crystals, Shaman, and Meditation Master, I'm the author of several books on spirituality and subjects that please my heart.

I love meditation, spirituality, and metaphysics, as ways to personal growth, and collective evolution, and I'm sure you love them too. I put up this website together as a resource to share practical information regarding various metaphysical disciplines and techniques meant to charge, balance and harmonize our consciousness and its consequent manifestation.

Each practice is finalized to remove all illusory obstacles preventing the realization of our real self, our essential being, favoring its achieving and expansion. They're all evolutionary and useful either if we are searching for enlightenment or relaxation, or to live, prosper, and produce better, or just do nothing.

My life's philosophy has no limits of age, sex, ideology, doctrine, or belief of any kind; it respects and honors all walks of life, and invites any new experience that contributes further exploring and expanding our consciousness and the consciousness of the entire universe.

Enter, read, connect, and feel free to share anything you wish, I'm professionally confidential. The intention is to grow bigger together, and I really hope you enjoy this website and find it useful.

Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh)


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