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Hi, from Andrea Scarsi, also known as Swami Prem Sandesh. I consider myself a master of silence and chaos and define as a mystic, writer, musician, and healer when I use my works to share a dimension of being and lifestyle based on meditation and communion with the absolute—a lifestyle missing nothing since I honor everything divine.

The rest of the time, I let myself drift in life and, driven by natural forces, enjoy what happens in the unified field of consciousness.

Born in Venice, Italy, in 1955, at fifteen, I began practicing yoga, spiritualism, and telepathy, and at eighteen, after a motorbike accident, contacting and channeling alien entities and visiting other dimensions.

At twenty-four, on my first trip to India, I find myself a vegetarian and consciously enter the world of meditation guided by the spiritual master Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now known as Osho, who gives me the name of Swami Prem Sandesh.

Through the years, I keep studying, practicing, and deepening various techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which I teach.

Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master, Master of Crystals, Shamanism, and Meditation, I write on spirituality and different subjects dear to my heart, sing mantras, and teach what I know.

In 1991 I married Ma Advaita Krishna, and we now live between Venice, Italy, and Goa, India.

I prize to connect with people from all walks of life and sing and meditate together.

You're welcome.

Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh)


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